religion must be logical

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in this post I am talking about religion. how to choose the right religion. but it needs to be underlined, this is my point of view in seeing various religions. I do not encourage anyone to follow me. if you think this is useless, you can get rid of it.

quite a lot of religions in this world. and most people choose religion because their parents follow that religion. in short is religious heritage. but do you believe that God sent down many religions in this world? of course not. God could not make his servants confused. which of course god only down 1 religion. which is the religion that was first adopted by the first humans, namely Adam.

but in my opinion, as time goes by humans create their own religion. so that religion becomes a lot nowadays. then how to find the true religion in this life? namely from studying in the books of each religion. don't learn religion from its adherents. followers of religion can be wrong in fulfilling their religious rules.
but if there is just one mistake from the book of religion, then that religion cannot be said to be true. Don't need a few mistakes. Just one mistake in that religion, that alone is enough to prove the religion is not true. because it is impossible for God to make a mistake even once.

but to know right from wrong, you must refer to the experts or look at the current science. as an example. in the book it is said that the moon has its own light. whereas the current knowledge is said that the moon does not have light but reflected light. that means the religion is wrong. not the religion created by God but the religion created by humans.

another example. in the verse of the book it says that insects have a foot deposit. whereas science is currently said that insects only have 6 legs.

religion must be logical. must pass the test of current knowledge.