Original poetry: "Static", by bonzopoe

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Time rotates its disparate arms.
The earth turns its light and its shadow.
The rabbit spins on the moon
sometimes full, sometimes waning.

Tides oscillate numbing abysses.
The atmosphere oscillates between hot and cold.
Desire oscillates according to libido,
lust and cycle.

The light changes
according to the time of day.
The shadow changes
according to the light that illuminates it.
Fears change
according to the shadows that inhabit it,
according to the eyes that look at them.

Nothing remains
in this world of shame,
in this universe of alambrist mirages,
In this milky way stained with carmine and ash.

Except you, always standing among the ruins,
giving meaning to my shadows, my tides and my times.
Muse and villain, mistress and slave,
always in / faithful, always static,
while I break and move, satellite of your smile.

©bonzopoe, 2021.


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