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RE: A Beautiful Wildflower of Bangladesh-Kochuripana

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Dear new member of HIVE, you have made a big mistake by signing up here. Here on this Blockchain you are surrounded by abuse of power and the greed of some who determine what happens here.

If you publish here, make sure that you publish only what is beneficial to the owners of the assets on HIVE. You must never express your own opinion or criticize anyone. If you do, the powerful will destroy your account and take every cent from you.

You will soon find out that you only earn a few cents here. Others, on the other hand, sometimes get extremely rich. Look around, you'll soon find that some people get 2 or even 3 digit $ amounts for small contributions, but you don't even get 50 cents.

Here's an example of a witness with his powerful friends called @pfunk destroying a small account of a non-profit organization and destroying all donations. He has disadvantaged and socially weak handicapped persons, seniors but also people who raise a child alone, harmed very much. Surely you do not want to support such a block chain that allows such a thing. Do you? In the contributions all data, inclusive registration with the court - address and further data are listed. You see this is an official charity.

You can read the contributions in which this witness expressed himself here. As you can see he tried to destroy the contributions, but you can still see them.

I know you'd like to earn a few cents too. That's why I'd like to show you some alternatives

Hive was originally the Blockchain Steem. Steem is still the bigger and much more active chain. There you can get a free account from me including a delegation of power that is on the account. Just enter as a comment - Steem account and I will get back to you.

At the beginning of July Voice ( ) will end its beta phase and be available worldwide. There will be no powerholders like here. A capital of 150 million US $ was made available there. I think this system will be very successful.

With these comments, I welcome every new member on HIVE. I have access to hundreds of accounts and you can't turn that off.