I Am Alive challenge Day-191 I get angry when someone hurts nature but today.....

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Hi beautiful world!
Have a great week..
I get angry when someone hurts nature. But today I met a person who harmed nature but I did not get angry but I felt sympathy with him. This happened because people of all classes have been affected by this epidemic. Of which the peasantry class is very much hurt. Apart from this epidemic, nature's hit forced him to do something which is against the rules. In the unseasonal rains that took place 2 months ago, the crop of farmers was destroyed and the poor, who were already struggling with financial constraints. After talking for a long time, it was found that he needed money for re-plowing fields, sowing seeds and pesticides, so trees had to be cut and sold. I was dumbfounded. Helpless was looking at the cutting trees.
Thank you..

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Day 191??? Oh boy!

Sad story. This pandemic affected us all it's a shame really !! people are trying hard to survive!

How are you dear friend @certain good night
It is true what you say, this disease is forcing people to do things that they have never done
I really appreciate that you shared this story and the empathy you had with the farmer.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid week