I still have supporters and that's awesome !

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In this video I talk about the support I have from hive and that's really awesome !
I feel that I will have a great future here. That's why I'm powering up all my earning and I'm still building @dcooperation community.

Comparing the support I get in hive to steem is much better. Steem now in empty and the trending page is full with people I don't know despite being there 3 years. My future as a content creator is in hive. I think it's the same for a lot of people here !

I don't think that we will have the same situation here that we had with steem. We are protected from any takeover and we will notice if something goes wrong.

Thanks a lot for those who are making me confident in hive. From all creators here to leaders and developers and community leaders.

We have to be thankful to anyone active in our blockchain and promoting it to the world.

As was said by @dcooperation members hive is family, power and big collaboration !

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dear brother you every effort is great to make good content community