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Children are a heritage from God, they bring blessing my times peace to the family on arrival.

From the point of conception to the point of delivery or birth, they remain under the shelter and protection by the mother.

They are God's beautiful creation freshly made a wonderfully crafted by the almighty himself the giver of life.

Today is a day mapped out to celebrate every child around the world, and I used to watch this movie to say happy children's day to every child in the world today.

Let's show them love and care by giving to the needy ones as well as the orphanage and the less privileged children.

It does not cost anything to show them love, that act of kindness can stick with them for life. They will always remember you for good because you came to their rescue when they needed it most.

Never hurt a child just because you are superior remember you were once a child. Don't let them remember you for even always show them love and care because one day the table will turn.

Children deserve all the love they can get and today is there day let's celebrate them.

Happy children's day ❤️❤️❤️

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