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The only thing that is constant in life is change. As we mature and grow in life, a lot of things change about us; our way of thinking, our way of association with other people as well as our sense of reasoning.

You would observe that as you're getting older and more matured l, the way you react to some things before when you were younger is the same way you react to it now. That is change.

When we desire change, we have to start within us and then gradually it begins to manifest. How to relate to people determines how they relate back with you.

A troublemaker should obviously not expect peace all the time, definitely there will always be war. But when you seek peace, most times it comes along.

If you want something to happen, you have to be involved to make it happen. Sitting on the fence and expecting miracle to happen is not the right approach and most times things don't go the way you plan or expect them.

Change is a conscious step will take to make things happen. Whenever we fail to take that bold step to effect change we end up getting what we always get.

As begin this new week, do you wish to change some negative attitudes and the way people talk to you? Then all you have to do is change for good.

As they say respect is reciprocal when you respect people, they respect you in return.

Treat everybody special and equal without prejudice and watch things turn around for your good.

Change your mindset and always think positive remember, it is only you that can affect that change and it begins with you.

When you want things to change, step out and make it happen. leave that comfort zone.

Stay motivated... Happy new week