Happy Hive PUD! - I just powered up 100 Hive 💪🐝

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You have 3 hours left to claim this @hivebuzz badge. It’s the coolest badge I have seen yet. You can only earn this badge by powering up at least 100 Hive on the first day of each month. This is the first month the badge is available. Claim it while you can, once UTC time changes over to tomorrow you will have to wait another month for a chance.

More info here :


Check out your own badge collection courtesy of @hivebuzz

Visit https://hivebuzz.me/


Congratulations @daltono! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 100 HP on Hive Power Up Day!
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board And compare to others on the Ranking

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Happy #hivepud day to you and your followers!

Aw, nuts. I'll have to wait until September. I'm maxed out on my crypto purchases for the week.

Congrats on your power up.

Im trying to send money on over from bittrex and its not working :(

Well done. You are so right. This is the coolest badge...

So sick! I'm getting HIVEPUD badge FOMO now after not being able to power up the full 100 so going to save up for 1st September! Nice one on the power up!