Powered up DCooperation with 437 HIVE POWER !

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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation.

I decided today send to @dcooperation 437 hive to power it up.

The goal was to make our own hive power equal to the delegated one. There is no purpose, but it's just a motivation to power up the account even more. Now we have the total of 9,280 hive power. If no one will undelegate and more of our members will send us content, by the end of this or the next month we will hit 10,000 hive power and that's awesome.

I still want to create more collaborations on hive blockchain. I'm now powering down our steem account and moving everything to hive. I want to keep building this account to support as much hivers as I can.

Thanks for everyone who helped us all this time. Thanks for our delegators and those members who ever sent us content. I'm sure that if we all will contribute more to this account, everyone will be happy. Almost 250 hivers are already autoupvoted by the account. I curate good content in hive every single day to support those who need support.


Here are the plans I have for the future :

  • Hitting 100,000 hive power.
  • Creating more collaborations about hive.

Something like this one but about hive :

  • Creating cool promotional videos together.
  • Inviting people to hive to learn English with Hive English Club

Showing to the world who we are. Something like I did here :

  • Supporting those who post in our community.
  • Creating documentaries about our members.

Something like this one :

  • Creating more trailer videos, something like this one :

Maybe we will do things from the White paper as well.

Please join our community and help us to grow !

The reward for delegators will work just like it was working in steem. You can also send us any type of content to share on the account and all the rewards will be powered up to reward our members. The % of autoupvote is dependent on the content you send.


You still can participate in our initiative : DC - Domestic Camp ! or participate in The written interview.

Any activity in our community will help us grow. Please rehive this for visibility.


You can subscribe to our community here : https://hive.blog/trending/hive-177976

Join our discord server here : https://discordapp.com/invite/UMAMYkP

All the earning as usual is going to power up the account !


Best wishes

Thanks a lot. That means a lot !

Yeah man!! You rules!!!💪✌️

Thanks a lot ! ☺

That's the spirit

It was always the case. When we will hit more power and reach our goals, the effect will be even better !