[ESP/ENG]🚦Hermoso semaforo elaborado con material de provecho//Beautiful traffic light made with useful material .🚦

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Buen dia mi gente bella de hive, en esta oportunidad vengo a enseñarles como realizar un hermoso semaforo con material de provecho!

** Good day my beautiful people from hive, this time I come to teach you how to make a beautiful traffic light with useful material! **


◇Envase de alcohol (vacio)

◇Alcohol container (empty)
◇ Felt
◇ Scissor
◇ Exactly
◇ Cardboard


Paso a paso

Con ayuda de un exacto le quitamos la parte de arriba de el alcohol, luego tomamos nuestro fieltro y lo forramos.

Step by Step

With the help of an exact one we remove the upper part of the alcohol, then we take our felt and we cover it.


Tomamos el fieltro y decoramos las tapas..

We take the felt and decorate the covers.


En una cartulina marcamos y recortamos los colores de nuestro semafono.

On a cardboard we mark and cut out the colors of our semaphone.


Lo pegamos con mucho cuidado primero el rojo luego el amarillo y por ultimo el verde.

We glue it very carefully, first the red then the yellow and finally the green.


Luego en un foami recortamos unos pequeños arcos de foami para colocarselo encima a nuestro color.

Then in a foami we cut out some small arches of foami to place it on top of our color.


Y asi culminamos nuestro lindo semaforo realizado con material de provecho!

And so we culminate our beautiful traffic light made with useful material!



This is good, your work is super cool, you got it right as all this lights are place accordingly

I am glad that you liked my work, I am very careful with that and I always try to do my best to make sure the work looks good on me. Thank you again.

Muy bonito tu semáforo @desileal

Muchas gracias...