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Hello, friends!
I just finished this picture right away and i would like to share how i made one of evergreen fairytales, Goldilocks and the three bears. Seems it was only yesterday i read this story for the first time.

Material & things needed:
a drawing paper
a 2B pencil
an eraser
0.2 drawing pen
36 colour pencils

How to draw & colour it:
First, draw Goldilocks. I started from the head to the shoes. Draw the face first then hair, hands with a spoon on her right hand and a bowl on her left hand, her dress then legs and shoes. After Goldilocks, draw the little bear on her right side. Started from the head, face then the scarf then finished until the legs.


Then draw the bear's dad, only the head then to the bear's mom on the left. Draw the necklace and also her apron. Complete with a spoon on her left hand. Then finish the mom's body and also dad's shirt and legs.After the drawing finished, bold with the drawing pen.


Then erase the pencil sketch. I added the bees and some flowers grass there too. Last, colour with the colour pencil. Use bolder colour for area near the border lines. I draw pattern for Goldilocks' dress.


Happy drawing & colouring!


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