The Adaptation of the Educational Digital Culture cannot be postponed

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Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón.
Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated that in the educational field interactions in classrooms have had to change to the new virtual world in a large part of countries, implementing elements of online training, which help teachers to teach their classes and students receive them without leaving home.

We have been an important part of this evolution Online, using applications to buy things, either restaurant food or supermarket, something we usually did not, because our society likes to touch and see things personally to acquire the product, but in a very short time we must adapt to this new modality.

It should be noted that one of the most used apps for educational management at all levels is WhatsApp, because they reach practically a fairly high percentage of students in the public and private education sector, other virtual alternatives is the Moodle platform, in which participatory tasks are proposed in the teaching-learning process.

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There are also the apss in which you can perform online questionnaires such as Kahoot and Quizizz, both are available to the student and teacher, allowing the latter to share relevant information with other teachers about certain content and can even use evaluation of colleagues from other countries. Being able to access this information and be able to use and share it from different places on the planet is no longer a limitation.

On the other hand, although we get on the net technology all this variety of Apps, there is a great limitation and goes hand in hand with the pedagogical theme, if these elements are not used with a pedagogical objective, they are like a shooting star, with a few seconds of bright and disappears quickly, because the student uses it to meet only the teacher. Awareness must be raised with the teacher to lead them towards a digital pedagogy.

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Given the current circumstances, we need to change our chip into the new digital age and it has been very appropriate because it has reduced the digital divide we were in, not only in the educational field at all levels, but also in other areas.

It is very important to make it clear that this return to the presence, both parents and students will demand this virtual part. It is no longer an option for students to attend classrooms, with their cardboard or plastic board and book; when there is a new digitally created culture.

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We can say that technology has reached a level in society to stay and is not bad, but it is no less true that we must educate ourselves well to handle it, to set the path on par with the demand of society and with the technological advance that grows in seconds.

In this universe in which we are with globalization, we are the ones who correspond to be able to take a definitive alternative of staying stuck with the traditional look at the world or if we go on that new path called digital culture. Although we are stumbling we must have the necessary skills to face the digital culture and develop in this society today that is so demanding in the technological issue.

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