A reflection of some very beautiful natural beauty of the afternoon moments of rural Bengal

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"A reflection of some very beautiful natural beauty of the afternoon moments of rural Bengal".

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A reflection of some very beautiful natural beauty of the afternoon moments of rural Bengal


Here are some natural beauties of rural Bengal. The place is a village called Madhabpur Dogra Bari. It is located a short distance from our city of Kolkata in West Bengal. It is wonderful to enjoy the natural beauty of rural Bengal. Today I and some of my friends went to visit this village in the afternoon.

My friends and I set off by bicycle from home at around 3pm and reached this village around 4pm. After 1 hour of continuous cycling, we arrive at our destination. Once there we all started enjoying the beautiful scenery in the afternoon and just started taking some pictures.

In fact, I haven't been to the village for a long time, so today I am fascinated by the beauty of the village. It was as if I had regained my peace. In the afternoon, the mind is absorbed in the hazy air of the village.

Oxygen levels are highest in rural areas because they are surrounded by a variety of vegetation, and high levels of carbon dioxide in urban areas because the number of urban vegetation is negligible.

As a result there is always hot air in the city. There is always natural cool air towards the village and you can breathe deeply. Besides, there are different types of trees, big and small, along the village roads, so the shade of the trees is always available.

During the hot summer months, the villagers rest in the shade under the trees, as it is cold under the trees, even during hot summers. There are also many natural fruit trees in the village houses which provide shade as well as our natural healthy fruits.

Then the people of the village become simple. The people of the village live a simple life. The people of the village have a lot of fun together. The children of the village are always engrossed in various kinds of small and small games and have fun.

Here on the side of the road some villagers are planting vegetables in the field and looking after some of the crops planted earlier. The people of the village work very hard and grow a variety of crops by sweating their heads and feet.

They cultivate a variety of vegetables as well as some cold fruit crops in the field. Fruits are national crops like watermelon, melon, tomato etc. These fruits are liquid and keep the body cool when eaten. Everything on the village side is found to be naturally pure and fresh.

Many people also cultivate sugarcane along with these. The villagers sell this sugarcane in different ways in the market, and also make sweet national food by burning sugarcane juice at home.

In addition, fresh date juice is now available from the trees in winter towards the village. They burn this juice at home but also make different types of sweets and sell them in the market. Such a variety of pure, fresh things are available towards the village.

In all these, the public life of the village became a kind of joy. There are many householders in the village who happily take their livestock to the fields in the afternoon to graze or graze.

Then in the afternoon everyone starting from small children-big people plays cricket, football, etc. in the field in a more rural way. Then the boys of the village enjoy swimming in the water in the pond in different ways.

Then in the evening people of different ages in the village set up tea parties in the tea shops of the neighborhood and everyone got involved in playing cards.



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