Intended to be controlled by an AI - INTRODUCTION

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It seems that with this article I close a full week in which I have written daily for all of you, that beautiful public that is very attentive to read my writings filling with comments all my publications with their concerns and contributions. That makes me happy because I am following an advice from someone who recommended to post at least once a day, the good @zuerich that God has put in my way to encourage me to keep going, actually being a little honest, I don't know if I would have the strength to post seeing my work going away without being taken into account by anyone, but seeing this person with constant support motivates me to keep working and trying every day. I will work hard to make friends and good content because I feel that it is worth being here, I have seen quality articles and hardworking people who strive to make great deliveries to the community and that is another thing that encourages me to continue. Well without further ado let's get to today's article which is the introduction to the project I started writing yesterday.

Destined to be controlled by an AI - Introduction

When we review our history as human beings and the way we have been advancing in the discovery of technology and innovation, we cannot deny that the process has been exponential, passing a long time first between one important invention to another and then this last century being technological innovations practically something so commonplace that it is difficult for something to surprise us today (although the CEO of Facebook promised that by 2030 he would make teleportation possible). It is striking how since the Second World War and since the invention of the transistor we have been creating devices designed to enable us to perform the tasks of everyday life more easily, then we went from basic industrial needs to devices for civilian use, appliances, personal entertainment items, communication and a list so large that you just have to list how many devices are in your home which need energy (of any kind) to function.


At the beginning you could think that each discovery happened randomly and each one was independent of the others but if you stand on a hilltop and look at all the technological advances from a global point of view you will notice that they all converge towards one point: GLOBAL CONTROL of the human population, at least that is what I could see and it led me to investigate the subject. We have become more and more dependent on our technological devices and our devices are getting better and better at sending our data somewhere; audio, videos, geolocation, even our tastes are stored, at this point they have so much of our data that maybe they know more about us than we do.

Despite this, research does not stop, investments in technological development are increasing, not enough mechanical and electronic devices but both branches merged to create robotics and mechatronics, then the devices that help us to do our tasks were not enough, so devices were added that are even capable of replacing us completely (robots), the concern to interconnect these devices led to manufacture (the latest generation) capable of communicating with each other and can be controlled from a single site (another device). In the end when you look very closely you notice that they are all machines "talking to machines". The actual purpose is to please you but maybe it is not their main goal, rather I think we are the object of study of someone who is about to reveal his true intentions. This is not a conspiracy theory but a hypothesis based on solid arguments. That is what it is about Destined to be controlled by an AI where I intend to highlight the most important projects and how dangerous they will be when all these projects come together as one in order to control the population. I intend to show how they are trying to merge man with machine, and how everything that is designed is destined to control and monitor the population, the pieces of the puzzle that make it possible (right now) and how everything is destined to happen. So I recommend you to follow me if the topic is of your interest so you can share your comments with me and if you think I say crazy things I will also accept your criticism.

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