A Saturday Walk Around My Village

in GEMS6 months ago

It was quite mild this morning so I had to take advantage of it. I didn’t fancy going for a long walk so I just had a walk around my village.

The gulls have arrived. They return at winter time and stick around for awhile. They tend to congregate on the top of the swings in the children's play area.

I was going to stroke this cat but the look on its face made me change my mind. Grumpy cat!

Passing the fields the sheep were having a little snooze in the sun. They never bothered getting up.

The gate appeared to be a great chin rest for them.

They checked me out but still remained on the ground. Chilled sheep at their best.

I've no idea how this woman's boot got here. It actually looked like my size and it was definitely my style, so it was a pity I didn’t find the matching one. 🙃

I returned home wondering who Cinderella was and how the heck did she lose her boot?

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


She was waiting for the prince to turn up with that boot! You should have waited to see the prince picking up the boot! LoL

I went back later and the boot has gone. 😊

Your photos has really wonderful colours, congratulations!

The photos about the sheep sleeping are so adorable. they looks healthy for the winter so all they need now is to relax and enjoy the end of autumn.

And for the cat, I wouldnt dare to go close with that look :)

I've never met such chilled out sheep. They were totally underwhelmed by me. 😁

Me too, I often see one or two of them still eating grass. But these sheep on your photos didnt bother at all. They just enjoy their lives, how great is it :)