Be an easy person to work in Society

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Hi fellow Heveans!

I heard from a friend:

“Emilio, whom you just met, is a great partner, a guy who knows. I lost count of the number of times he helped me with things here at the company. Always good advice, always good company. "

However, someone else said something different from another co-worker:

"Working with it doesn't work. I've already spoken to three people who played projects with him and the opinion was the same. It does not advance. "

The truth is that, although work relationships are, in the end, relationships, they use some very peculiar characteristics. Working well together involves some factors related to the relationship (chemistry, synergy and integrity) and not with the individual, it is true, but it is a fact that there are also particular points, strictly personal and cultivable.


Leaving aside the problems that arise from the relationship and focusing on those points intrinsic to people, we will realize that there are people who adapt to any environment, work well with anyone and change any situation.

Rather than unraveling the personality of good partners, the idea here is to focus on actions.

The basic package is already a big problem: being more organized, meeting deadlines, understanding that your work is "the result" or "input" of other people's work, knowing when to be flexible or energetic.

But you can do more. Below are two simple and very powerful practices.

There will be plenty of opportunities to practice.

Stop an avalanche of complaints

Businesses are often overshadowed by a tense and sour climate that we perpetuate without realizing it. Complaint wheels are formed, regardless of the underlying problem or the style of the business.


Falling into the role of chronic dissatisfied is so easy because it frees us from guilt and the responsibility to make it happen.

Wake up a co-worker and interrupt a pointless complaint. Everyone wants to wear the shirt, as long as it is a shirt that makes sense.


Solve a problem

Sometimes a careful look is enough to identify something that is easy to solve, but that, in the inertia of the routine, happens.

We just have to be very careful, always contribute to provide solutions, provide support in poor areas, regardless of who manages them.

I wish a lot of success for the @gems community and for the entire Hive platform. The best of us must remain here and be consistent in what adds love, companionship, motivation and success!



Hola querido amigo @emiliocabrera Buen día.
Excelente trabajo. dices cosas muy ciertas, que suceden muy menudo en el ámbito laboral.
Comparto con vos que hay que ser cautelosos en nuestra relación de compañerismo, así se puede evitar muchos conflictos, a fin de cuentas, pasamos tantas horas o mas que con nuestra propia familia
Te deseo un excelente dia

Hola estidao @jlufer, es bueno verte aquí con tus excelentes y motivadores comentarios, ciertamente el trabajo y ahora Gems son como la segunda casa donde convivimos como familia. Buen dia amigo.

Tienes mucha razón Gems es una hermosa comunidad y para ser sincero, me siento de la familia, hay muy buenas personas aquí.
Que pases una hermosa jornada.

Gracias amigo, siempre bienvenido.