It Is A Small World (Nothing Just Happens) - Be Not Quick To Judge!

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Experience is costly, and can be paid only in a currency called "time". Many people waste their lives on something that wasn't meant to be, for example, wrong relationships, and wrong career choices. A feeling of a wasted life is painful and hard to cope with, but what may make it even more heartbreaking is the realization of the purpose, when it gets too late.

"Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others." Otto Von Bismarck

Have you ever been told, "You're born for this!"? True power is in hands of a person that knows the true origin, identity, and destiny. No Earthly powers can hold that person down. The pace of progress such people advance in their lives is so rapid, it may seem like they have wings!

Well, I was told that, yesterday, in regards to my writing career. A dear colleague of mine who is moderating comments on my YouTube channel told me that I am destined to become a successful author, and should focus on writing, rather than entertaining other people by creating videos for YouTube. It is true, however, that the audience is young, often impolite which makes me think "What is this all for?", but on the other hand, I really enjoy sharing music and metaphysical lessons.

However, his claim regarding my destiny turned on quite a few lamps in my head. In fact, my mind got lightened up like a Christmas tree, which made it go back to March of 2021 with the speed of light.

Back in March, as a new and inexperienced author who was writing for no more than 30 days, I had no idea how to use Hive, nor why I was unable to publish my article "The Magnificence Of The Subconscious Mind". That bothered me, but there was no one that could have helped me by explaining why does the system refuse to publish it. "What are HP points and how to get them?" I wondered...

Then, one day, around Easter, I decided to get my mind of a few things and play Blockchain poker for an hour. In general, I was there to earn money, but that day, I just wanted to stop thinking about the financial, medical, and political darkness. In other words, I needed relief.

The table I joined had a player, called "AMR008". He was always polite and very kind, so, communication was smooth and enjoyable. I mentioned "Hive", not knowing that it's going to change my life, permanently. AMR008 is an "old guard" at Hive, the person that is successful at writing about finances, and someone who understands the platform inside-out. When he told me there is no censorship at Hive, I thought he was kidding me, 'cause many platforms represent themselves as "pro speech", but start censoring users soon after they sign up.

Well, Hive is not one of those platforms which immediately made it look special in my eyes, 'cause the level of censorship in my area is unbearable and makes communication impossible unless the person is totally brainwashed and thinks only about cars, money, parties, and so on.

I asked Mr. AMR "why can't I publish my article?", to which he replied, "you don't have enough HPs, but I'll send you some", so he did send me 30 HPs which I am eternally grateful for! That's how, when and why I became active on Hive! God used Mr. AMR to set me on the right track.

Back then, that's exactly how I saw it: "This is my destiny! There are no coincidences! This was destined to happen! God wants me to be an author and write!", but somewhere down the road I forgot that and got focused on all the wrong things.

People often make conclusions regarding their destinies by measuring their success, which I found to be wrong. We can be very successful at something that is actually not meant for us! I got really interested in the stock market! Profitable trades were a part of my daily trivia. After a while, success and profit stopped making me happy and enthusiastic. It all began to feel empty, solely focused on money, and too Earthly-bound for my taste. 50 Euros or a thousand daily, it made no difference. My inner being felt encaged, lost, and useless.

As Reverend Ike said, we must move on once we accomplish everything we were meant to. I should have moved from the stock market and trading, but the unconscious habits are hard to change. God usually uses a form of a hellish experience to make us move on. He must shut the door so that we can't open them and go back anymore. That's exactly what happened on November 26th, 2021, when the "new variant" was discovered in the South African Republic. The prices of all of my assets plummet, and I've lost it all (God shut the door).

It was impossible for me to go back. The money I wanted to buy Christmas presents with was gone, and the feeling of fire and fear have eaten me up. For the first time, I was feeling like a brain stroke is coming to end me. During those moments of despair and disbelief, my subconscious mind was getting programmed, that's why It felt as uneasiness. God was altering my destiny and putting me on the right track, by overhauling my mind.

Today, It's more than clear to me why I lost everything, and what a blessing and favor that actually was, but back then, all I was thinking about was the money that was gone. Sadness and depression made me write an article that I considered lame, unimportant, uninteresting and expected it to be ignored...but it wasn't.

The morning after I published "Life Goes On! Don't Fade Away! Stop Thinking!" my life changed, forever (positively). There was a surprise waiting for me on Hive. Not only the article didn't go unnoticed, but it also gained massive support. That made me feel blissful and forget about the stock market and the money. The focus went from "it was" to "it will be". All of a sudden I was no longer focused on what I've been going through, rather, I got focused on where I am going to.

Once again, Hive and I met, but this time, the cooperation is to be continued, permanently, and successfully. Later on, an article about Max was published, which found its way to the hearts of many wonderful people that made me feel at home on Hive. Now, I can assure you of two things:

  • God wouldn't have done what He has done if Hive was destined to fail

  • Joy is more important than money

"The joy of the LORD is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10

Trust the Lord with all of your heart! He works in mysterious ways. Take my story as an example! Poker, strangers, and a financial collapse were used by Him to set me on the right track that is filled with joy and success! Don't allow your carnal-mindedness (analytical mind) to talk you out of trusting the process by judging the present situation according to 5 senses. In the words of the Bible, walk by faith, not by sight! (2 Corinthians 5:7).

A sincere joy may be seen as a God-given compass. It is the inexhaustible source of power, inspiration, and passion. Grasp that idea and meditate on it!

Here is a speech by TD Jakes that will remind you of how special to God you are:


It all began to feel empty, solely focused on money.

I can relate to this. Luckily I don’t feel this way mainly because I’m focusing adding value to crypto ecosystem via Hive

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"I’m focusing adding value to crypto ecosystem via Hive" this is honorable! It's nice to have such wonderful people in here! Hive will surely become a major succees.

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