What You're Not Told About Casual Sex

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On October 29th, 2015, Mrs. Miriam Grossman held a speech in Salt Lake City on the subject of casual sex and its profound consequences on the individual and society at large.

What seemed innocent, pleasurable, and satisfying turned out to be one of the primary causes behind cultural decay and rising health issues. Sadly, the given information wasn't paid attention to by the mainstream media, so we must do our part to reach the uninformed people and potentially save their lives. Mrs. Miriam Grossman is the author of "unprotected." What the authorities haven't told you could fill a few books. My goal is to introduce you to the tip of the iceberg.

Miriam worked as a psychiatrist at the Student Counseling Center of UCLA. She worked there for 12 years and counseled thousands of students with all sorts of problems. After a few years, she realized that a lot of students, especially young women, were suffering because of the sexual decisions that they had made. Mrs. Miriam concluded that her profession was partially responsible for the suffering of her patients. The reason for that is that there is so much "political correctness" in the domain of mental health and sexual education.

Unprotected: "a campus psychiatrist reveals how political correctness in her profession endangers every student" is a somewhat decent (even though partial) answer to the question, "why the media didn't report on this?".

Miriam says the whole topic of HIV is very politicized and treated differently than other diseases. Another neglected and politicized topic is the topic of casual sex. Instead of educating the students, we encourage them to jump into the shark-infested pools and sacrifice their physical and mental health for "political correctness" and Marxist woke culture. Mrs. Miriam says students are MISINFORMED about sexuality and their sensitivity to intimate behavior. The culprit is the corrupt, topsy-turvy "educational" (indoctrination) system.

In one of the chapters of "Unprotected," Mrs. Miriam talked about the importance of faith; "It is confirmed that belonging to a faith community and participating in prayer has significant impacts on a person's wellbeing, and how they deal with adversity, including; mental illnesses, and physical illnesses." Mrs. Miriam said, "my colleagues (psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers) don't encourage people to get involved with their faith, and the reason for that is that most of my colleagues are not themselves people of faith." Read Lavrentiy Beria's address to the American students at Lenin's University in Moscow (1934) to discover why educators, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers are not people of faith: https://www.patriotoutreach.org/docs/Brainwashing.pdf

So, let's scratch the surface of what educational authorities have not told you:

A) Beer goggles: scientifically, what we call beer goggles is the idea that once you've had a few drinks, you see people differently, and they seem more attractive than they are. Alcohol affects a center in the brain responsible for assessing a person's facial attractiveness.

B) Hookups lead to regret. Researchers at Princeton University discovered the following: before a hookup, one-third of women hoped for a relationship to come out of it. After the hookup, 80% of ladies wished it hadn't happened. After a few sexual interactions, 84% of ladies began to feel vulnerable and wonder, "does he care about me?" despite a lack of emotional interest in their hookup partners before the act. The numbers for men are significantly lower due to lower levels of oxytocin (hormone) in men.

C) Universally accepted as accurate but often overlooked and ignored fact is that people lie for sex. Most people neglect this factor due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of how casual sex affects relationship stability, quality, and the health of offspring and women. I explained that in detail: https://ecency.com/hive-122315/@emstone/why-body-count-matters-what

"Educators" encourage young people to ask their partners about their sexual history to find out if they've ever had an STD. Well, that'd be sufficient in a perfect world under the presumption that all people are honest, but in the dystopian reality, one should not rely on someone's honesty. Going to bed with the wrong person can result in premature death, as it does in thousands of cases annually. According to Mrs. Grossman, 75% of bisexual men do not reveal their sexual history to their female partners. That's extremely important because bisexual men are a bridge for bringing HIV from the homosexual community into the heterosexual community.

D) Young women are much more vulnerable to casual sex and STDs than men are. That's due to biology! Biological factors place women at greater risk than men. STDs pose a severe threat to women's health and fertility (CDC, November 2009)

D.1.) The transformation zone: the cervix is an entrance to the uterus. The cervix has a so-called "transformation zone." As a girl goes through adolescence and her early 20s, the cells that cover her cervix develop and grow a thicker covering to the cervix. The thicker the covering, the less vulnerable she is to infections. In an immature cervix, the "covering" is only one cell thick, thus, easily infected.

Some ladies might wonder, "When will my cervix be mature?" That question, however, cannot be precisely answered due to interpersonal differences. It is medically accurate to say that the healthiest possible decision is to postpone all sexual activities until you're in a lifelong committed relationship with one person (marriage). That's not only the right choice from a moral point of view but also a medical point of view. Two people who delay all sexual activities and get together to form a monogamous relationship never have to worry about any STD.

D.2.) Of course, you've heard of HPV. The peculiarity of HPV is its modus operandi. The virus can be inactive for years. Many people don't even know they're infected because they haven't had any symptoms. That is why the U.S. army printed millions of posters during WW2, saying: "She may look clean, but pick-ups, 'good time' girls and prostitutes spread syphilis and gonorrhea. You can't beat the Axis if you get VD."

Nowadays, sex-'educators' are suggesting that; "once you become sexually active, it's just a matter of time when you'll get infected because everyone does, so brace yourself," which is a medically inaccurate thing to say. There are millions of uninfected people who are sexually active.

D.3.) Emotional consequences of having STDs: people diagnosed with STDs suffer from mental difficulties, such as shock, fear, anger, embarrassment, disgust for oneself, and diminished self-worth. In a study in New Zealand, 75% of patients diagnosed with STDs had experienced severe depression and anger. For one-third of them, the feelings persisted for years.

How many heartaches could have been prevented by simply telling the truth and restraining from practicing immorality?

E) Oral sex and throat cancer: HPV can be transmitted through oral sex and cause throat cancer/tonsil cancer (5-year survival rate is 52%). Most people do not consider the health risks of oral sex. Instead, nowadays, it is widely accepted as "normal." The so-called "educators" are telling children to experiment with reference to sex, which often results in premature death. Because of that, "educators" and media outlets should be held accountable.

F) In terms of HIV transmission, anal intercourse is at least 30 times more dangerous than vaginal intercourse. There is no guaranteed protection. Condoms, for example, are made with vaginal intercourse in mind. Usually, they come with a warning label stating that "if used properly, condoms greatly reduce, but do not eliminate the risk of pregnancy and the risk of catching or spreading the HIV, the virus that causes AIDS." FDA

Women who have unprotected anal sex with an HIV-infected man even one time are about 30 times more likely to get HIV than if they had unprotected vaginal sex once. In addition, people having unprotected anal sex are at risk for rectal gonorrhea, chlamydia, anal warts, and anal cancer from HPV infection. - NYC Department Of Health and Mental Hygiene, February 2010, Volume 9, No. 2

The rate of new HIV diagnoses among homosexual men is 44 times that of other heterosexual men, and 40 times that of women, - (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2016). + AIDS Behav. 2014 Jan, Patterns of Lifetime and Recent HIV Testing Among MSM

If current HIV diagnosis rates persist, it is estimated that one in six homosexual men will be diagnosed with HIV in his lifetime. (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2016).

Condoms provide some protection, but anal intercourse is simply too dangerous to practice. - C. Everett Koop, US Surgeon General (1982-1989)

Everett Koop's warning was published on the FDA's website for decades. Due to political correctness, it got removed in 2013. Anatomy and physiology didn't change, and neither did biology change. Anal intercourse is still an act that poses a severe threat to one's life. The only thing that changed is the mainstream narrative, and the FDA follows trends of political correctness.

G) You're not told that couples that defer intimate behavior are happier later in life, as reported by the Journal of Marriage and Family, 2012. It is a proven fact that early sexual involvement was negatively associated with marital quality among women. Women who took longer to become intimate reported significantly greater levels of sexual satisfaction. Women who waited six months or longer reported a lower frequency of conflict and significantly higher:

  • relationship satisfaction

  • level of commitment

  • intimacy and emotional support

  • sexual satisfaction

  • quality of communication

Studies on divorce yielded extremely interesting and, in some cases, unexpected information. Researchers estimate that 41% of all first marriages end in divorce, 60% of all second marriages, and 73% of all third marriages. The quest for the culprit led us to the premarital license. Women who lost their virginity before getting married are more than twice as likely to get divorced in the first five years of marriage. Women with six or more premarital sexual partners are almost three times less likely to be in a stable marriage.

Other factors that play a significant role in determining relationship/marriage quality and stability are professions of mates, political orientation, religion, ethnicity, and income. As Mrs. Grossman said, faith plays a significant role in our lives. San Diego Divorce Lawyer team backed her statement. If a person has strong religious beliefs, they say, the risk of divorce is 14% lower. Of all religious orientations, Christians are least likely to divorce. The bottom line is that the "body count" and religious orientation not only matter but play a determining role in establishing happy, stable relationships and marriages. When sexual freedom reigns, health suffers.

H) Psychological consequences: a positive association between sexual involvement and delinquency during adolescence has been documented. Casual sex increases women's psychological distress and drug use. Suicidal ideation and depressive symptoms in adolescence are associated with entrance into a casual sexual relationship in emerging adulthood. Negative experiences of hooking up are positively associated with psychological distress regardless of the gender of a student. 69% to 75% of college students report having hooked up. Compared to peers without hookups, those who have hooked up had inferior well-being.

I) I will not outline any specific conclusion as readers are intelligent enough to make up their own. Instead, I want to share an excerpt from Rousas John Rushdoony's book, entitled "The Institutes Of Biblical Law," Vol. 1, p 367:

Prof. Unwin began his research determined to dispel the idea that any necessary connection exists between the level of civilization and its sexual morality. He found instead that if we know the sexual regulations and conduct of society, we can accurately "prophesy" (and the word is his) "the pattern of its cultural behavior." Mental development and cultural advance go hand in hand with the development of strict monogamy and premarital and postmarital chastity. A society with premarital and postmarital licenses is at a dead level, culturally and mentally. In three generations, the impact of a new morality is fully felt. As a result, Unwin felt the strict rules of chastity and continence cannot be unnatural since they are productive of the best in nature. It is significant also that those who idolize promiscuity and license as an ideal for man can only find their standards in very "primitive" and degraded cultures. Two works that have greatly influenced the modern anti-Christian sexual license are Bronislaw Malinowski's "The Sexual Life of Savages" (1929) and Boris de Rachewiltz's "Black Eros: The Sexual Customs Of Africa From Prehistoric Times To The Present Day" (1956). Malinowski's study of the Trobriand islanders has been called "the Bible of all those supporting free-love group living." Discoveries and conclusions of Prof. Unwin are included in his writings "Sex and Culture" (Oxford University Press; 1934) and "Sexual Regulations & Human Behavior" (published in 1933 and addressed before the medical section of the British Psychology Society in March 1935).

I urge you to read:

01) What you're not told about telegony and microchimerism: https://ecency.com/hive-122315/@emstone/why-body-count-matters-what

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Interesting read.
I'd never really observed some of these analyses quite closely.

There are so many risks that come with casual sex. Some people may however defend casual sex for various reasons and would even analyse data to that effect, whether true or not.

However, it's obvious that the negative effects when present can be devastating compared to staying safe and pursuing a more committed and convenient sex life.

Good to know this one. It should be taught in schools but neglected to be done so.