The day my husband proposed to me 11 years ago ❤❤

in GEMS2 months ago

11 years ago, my husband came to visit my family with his family. On this day, they brought me a beautiful ring and after I said yes to his proposal, he gave me that ring. I was very happy that day. I had known my husband for a year. Until then, I had not seen his family closely. His mother and sisters came along with some other members of their family, such as his cousin, uncle and cousin. In Iran, it is customary to go to the bride's house with some of their relatives to get a yes answer from the daughter of the groom's family. My husband and I decided to have dinner at a restaurant tonight. We went to a restaurant that was about 20 minutes away from our house. We walked the route because the weather was so nice. It was a little cool.
We enjoyed both the dinner and the walk. I hope all couples have a good life together and create sweet memories for each other.