When it comes to feelings, we are so much able to talk to strangers about it than a face to face with the actual person

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Have you ever wondered why it is never easy to talk about feelings when it comes to the actual person we have it for, than speaking it out to others. We are so much in a situation that we are so afraid to let the person we develop feelings for to know about it, but we are always all out to tell total strangers around the world all what we have in our heart.


We are so much in the mood of being afraid or being rejected by these people when we let it out to them, but do not even care about others think of us so far as such feelings are not gerd towards them. We are always at ease to speak out our situations to total strangers we meet online and other places than a face to face with the actual person we develop all those feelings for.

For overs years now, I have come to understand that people are always at peace with people who are not so close to them than people that are, whenever they have issues or concerns about their relationship, chores, or situation they feel so relaxed to let it out to strangers than even people that are around them at home or school.


I always try my best to understand why this is so but I only come to the fact that these strangers they speak to do not have any means to hurt them in anyway like what a friend or family may do when they does a wrong to them, especially when it comes to ladies, there are stuffs they love to remain a secret no matter the circumstances they find themselves with others.

But people always love to use a secret been told to them as a come back to people around them when they does a wrong to them, in as much as it is so unethical of them to do so, they just feel that, it is always their weapon to fight back at them when they go the other way round with them. I always say a secret is always a secret no matter the wrong a person does to you.

Meaning there is no way, you have to use it against them or you it as a come back when they does a wrong to you. For all you know, it might cause a great damage that can never be repaired no matter what you do after it has been altered. And it can lead to a forever break up in the forever bond you shared with that person.

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Strangers are always so much more objective and not judgemental

Of cos and they do have the listening ear all the time

we have different type of stranger , always try to feel happy with stranger in life

I don't know how to explain it properly, but it is sometimes easier to talk about certain subjects with people we have just met.