I Won NaNoWriMo, Bread, Scouts Fire Station Tour, Brine Turkey - Wednesday

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I've been waking up up on my own around 4:30am most mornings. Before the time change it was 5:30 but my body won't let it slide and is popping me awake that hour earlier. At least it gives me time to get my posts written for the day before the morning begins. After the obligatory morning soak I took J to school for his half day.


After taking him to school I sat down and pushed through 50,000 words on my story. I finished the chapter and added a section to the prior. It was not long before I had to go pick J up from school but I did get a chance to jump around excitedly once I submit my numbers. I have another chapter to do and I hope to get most of it written this morning. It may turn into two chapters if I can't get it to a good stopping point.


I got bread going in the machine to have for bread crumbs today and it baked while we were gone.


@stryeyz took off of work early to go with to the fire station. WE loaded up in the car and head north to Deer Park and the nice new fire station.


All the boys were there and we met out front by the flag poles in the nice sun.


We toured the building and got to see the really large community room that is available for rent and they have a commercial kitchen that can be rented as well.


Having one of "the talks" about being respectful and not climbing on the trucks, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING, and stay close by with the group.


The nice big ladder truck they have.


The fire engine got the most time as it has a number of various implements on it. It was cool to find out that they have a 20 gallon tank of foam mix that can get metered into the 1000 gallons of water on the truck, for I would assume chemical or oil fires.


One of the better pictures that caught all the boys paying attention at once.


The last thing on the engine was to have them climb into the back seats and check out the inside.


After the fire engine the youngest of the firemen suited up in a full suit to show the boys what they look like when coming into a house to save someone. I was pretty amazed to see how awesome the breathing apparatus is, the regulator unclips from the belt and snaps into the face mask and has a microphone in it and a speaker on the shoulder strap that allows him to be heard with the mask on.

And then they got a medical call and the tour was quickly over as they had to head out. We ushered the boys outside and waited to see if they would code out of the building but they snuck out the back doors it seemed.


They did send out coloring book packets and helmets for the boys. They all had a blast but like most young boys wavered between extremely bored and focused. It was about an hour total which is good for their ages.


Back at home I popped open the special beers for us to drink while we soaked and as celebration of my passing 50k words for NaNo. I can say it is one big beer in both flavor and in ABV. At 11% it is by far no light weight and the flavor is quite strong from the barrel aging.


It went down nice and smooth while we soaked.


While soaking the brine was cooling on the stove and after eating dinner and before our final soak of the day it was cool enough to pour over the turkey. The bird is big enough that I had to use a 5 gallon bucket which I lined with one of my larger produce bags. Closed the top and put a crock on top to weight it down and set it outside overnight.


This morning I am hoping to get as many words written as possible on the ending before everyone is up and about for the day. I'm still trying to work out a couple details of the ending that are stumping me at the moment. No clue when we will be getting cooking yet but it will only be the 4 of us and my mom for today. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.

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