Pain and Swelling, Lessons, Puzzle, Paragliding School, Managing To Eat - Thursday

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Sleeping is such a pain right now as the swelling is taking over. Yesterday morning I looked in the mirror to see my cheek puffy but not on the side of the most teeth pulled, at least not yet. It took a couple more hours before the left side really started to puff up. Ibuprofen is my friend for sure now.


A good part of my morning I spent going through spanish lessons on Duolingo and continuing the CSS part of the Mimo lessons. It was a bit hard at times to concentrate and I found my head in my hands rather often as the throbs of pain hit.


As the pain would subside throughout the day I was able to stand looking down at the puzzle and ended up getting quite a bit done on it. So far I have 2 pieces that I think are missing, both edge pieces. Go figure. It is a puzzle that is older than I am so if that is all then we are probably pretty lucky.


I got my email response from Bozeman Paragliding and I am getting scheduled for April for school!!!!! Andy thinks I should be able to get a solid 7to10 days of okay weather to be able to get it done in one go. I have to just check with my Mom today about the timeframe so she could watch the boys during the day if I go the beginning of April while they are on Spring break.

I am beyond excited for this. I have read The Complete Guide to Paragliding by Whittall and am halfway through The Paragliding Manual which is a textbook by Meier and Stuckey. I have longed for this for a LONG time now and can't wait.


@stryeyz made dinner last night and did chicken alfredo for them and she did orzo and boiled mixed veggies for me. I needed to have something smaller and softer that I didn't HAVE to chew but still did a little anyway. The right side was easier to chew on since only one tooth came out, but it still wasn't easy. I REALLY needed the food though so it was something I had to fight through and was very happy I did as I felt a good bit better afterwards.


I slept for shit last night again. I am not a back sleeper as I can't fall asleep that way but the swelling in my cheeks made it super hard to lay on my sides. I still did anyway and woke up constantly through the night. This morning both my cheeks are super sore from the swelling and laying on them.

Today starts Spring weather for us with a nice line of 40F+ for the next week with rains off and on. It will be good to see the snow melting in the yard. I should wash my clothes after getting the boys to school, then I have an icepack that will be slapped on my face much of the day to combat the swelling, after I talk with my Mom I will get my email off for scheduling my school dates, more Spanish and CSS, puzzle work, and I have to get more sustenance in me today than yesterday.

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This kind of mouth pain is the worst! For help with eating... if you have a pressure cooker, you can use it to cook just about anything into a delicious, easy to chew, mush. If you don't, cooking a meal for a whole day in a crock pot or dutch oven will work. Also, those 'nutrition shake' drinks that they make for seniors will keep you going, when food is just too difficult.

If you've never tried toothache plant, I recommend looking into it. The fresh plant will leave an unpleasant, 9V battery taste in your mouth, but it numbs like novocaine and reduces swelling. Made into a tea it's less effective at fighting pain, but still pretty good, and works just as well to reduce swelling.

I've been too stubborn to go back to my pea protein powder which I drink daily when I am more active. Today will likely be the day as the swelling in my cheeks is awful.

I've heard of toothache plant but never had any in the house. Probably something I should have for the boys as well.

We grow toothache plant regularly now, and I add it to every tea I make. It's really easy to grow, even indoors without extra light. The numbing effect of the fresh plant is at least twice as good as the strongest available OTC lidocaine products for mouth pain, and also has a highly stimulative effect on the salivary glands. The anti inflammatory effects are as good or better than ibuprofin. It also has a very noticeable stimulative effect on the circulatory system, which will promote healing and help keep you warm on cold days.

I've got some seeds on order from Baker Creek so will get them started when they get here. Thanks!

Tengo un gato en pantalones..

No, mi perro usar pantolones verde, mi gato es mucho cabeza mierda