Any better sunrise than this?

This is the view from my window as I roll up my blinds. Isn't it great to wake up feeling grateful for such magnificent creation like this? I feel really grateful for looking at this view and observing how it changes every minute. There's no better feat like this; other than the sunset.





Another great thing for Blurtters

Just a few hours ago, a really nice spike happened on the price of Blurt in LeoDex/HE. Check this one below.


Obviously, we are still far from where we started but this nice little pump is telling something... The tides are changing.

The continuous downtrend was from the power-downs by some large accounts and dumping the Blurt tokens to exchanges. It may look depressing for some but the continuous drop on the price is an opportunity for others to bulk up their stakes.

In my case, I sold some at 500 Sats and then patiently wait until I feel that we reached the bottom price. If I remember correctly, I bought back at 63 to 75 Sats price level. I was able to accumulate around 45,000 Blurt and stake them to my Blurt account.

Two days from now, I will be learning my curation rewards which I expecting to be around 140%-150% APY.

Is that even possible?

Definitely! Less active users would mean More rewards for the active ones ;)

We are at an "Accumulation Phase", but it might not last long. If more users join the Blurt network then the Inflation Rewards will spread to more active users. However, the upside is that Blurt will have more demand and more attention.

Are you ready for it?

I'm getting ready for it. I just not too sure if I can get more from exchanges since Blurt tokens is getting scarce. Each day, fewer tokens are being dumped while more Sellers are starting to build Sell Walls at a higher price.

Exciting times ahead!


By the way, if you decided to buy some Blurt tokens then please do it at your own discretion or at your own risk. What I stated in this post my journey to the Blurt network and it should not be mistaken as financial advice.