"Daubed Indigo"

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To be very honest, I can't really tell the difference between dark blue & indigo and I'm almost convinced that I'm slightly color blind. In order for me to tell the difference, I have to keep comparing it to a color swatch that says that it's indigo. It's really lame that I find it challenging to determine it through my own eyes alone. Maybe I'm not observant enough in my judgment of colors.

For my entry to the #colorchallenge, check on the photos that I took around the Kampong Glam area.

indigo car-1.jpg

There is a lot to see in this place. Shopfronts are being presented in a creative way.

Also, the colors are everywhere and it feels like I can fill an album of every color in a rainbow.

indigo plate-1.jpg

Thank you for viewing my post.

If you wish to contribute to the #colorchallenge Blurt edition, go to the Official blurtography color challenge post by @blurtography to learn more about this fun challenge.

image credit to @blurtography


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