Day 39 of 100 Days Posting Challenge: "Saturday Nostalgia"

in GEMS2 months ago

It's the kind of day when everything feels slow & low. The day after a night of fun (TGIF). I usually sleep late on a Friday night and so I don't feel like doing much other than being a couch potato.

While on it, I checked on what's happening in Probit especially for the Blurt-BTC pair and it seems like the volume is starting to build-up. The orders are also starting to meet at some point. Still, it feels like it needs a little boost or someone to either pump or dumps the coin. This is something to expect in the next few days.

After that, I went on browsing my archive for photos that I wanted to edit and share. In the past few years, I have been taking a lot of photos that I simply store in my drive. I don't usually have the interest to edit them after I took them. I feel more creative when I have the motivation to search for the best shots and edit them.

For today, I wanted to share the photos that I took during my visit to the Chinatown Heritage Center. This is the time when I practiced candid shots to the shoppers in this area. I was surprised that there are photos that feel like it was nicely timed and captured...






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