My dog also loves cream puff :D

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It's been a while since we gave Kuku (our dog) a nice treat and so we decided to test whether she would like something sweet today. I know that it's not right to give dogs human food but we just can't help ourselves to treat her like one of us.

Anyway, before I gave her the cream puff I made a quick search if lactose is ok for dogs to eat.


Basically, any type of sugar is not good for dogs, especially for large amounts. However, there's an exemption; feeding them in small amounts. Also, it has to be done in moderation. In my opinion, once or twice a month should be fine.

Almost every sweet food contains a form of sugar in it. The worst kind is xylitol. This is the kind of chemical compound the will result in low blood sugar for dogs. The effect is different for humans in which it will result in high blood sugar. Interesting!


What I gave her is a homemade pastry with whipped cream and small amounts of blanched almond nuts on it.

She was shy at first, but when she tasted the cream then that's when she munched on it like crazy.



I can tell that she enjoyed the experience and that's more than enough to make us giggle while watching her gobble the last part of the pastry.

This is the first time that we gave her something sweet and it seems like she loved it!

Let me end this post by saying that as pet owners, we should be responsible and careful enough not to give something to our pets that might cause them any harm. Everything should be given in moderation and get advice from veterinarians if in doubt.

Thank you for viewing my post.

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Very nice that puppy, I also have one that loves to eat sweets and gets electric, it's funny, after eating candy he runs at full speed, greetings.

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