Plumeria bud (green #colorchallenge)

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This photo serves as my entry for today's #colorchallenge ~ green!

If you're wondering what is a Plumeria, here are some photos of the flowers that are in full bloom.



I'm not really an expert in botany more so in flowers but a simple "tropical flowers" keyword in google search already led me to the name of this plant.

Years from now, the Blurt blockchain could potentially gather enough information that's as reliable as "google search". And what's great about that is that we as the contributors could make it happen. From here on, we have the privilege to populate the Blurt network with information that could be useful to the content consumers of today or the future.

The best part of this process is that we are getting paid for the things that we enjoy sharing with everyone in this network. Cheers!

Thank you for viewing my post.

If you wish to contribute to the #colorchallenge Blurt edition, go to the Official blurtography color challenge post by @blurtography to learn more about this fun challenge.

image credit to @blurtography