Woke up early due to a bad dream that I can't even remember

This morning, I woke unusually early. It's around 5:30 in the AM.


Also I woke up with a numbing feeling on my right shoulder and left leg. And my heart is beating fast which scares me a bit.

Here comes the worst part. I know that I woke up because of a bad dream but I can't recall most of it. I have a clear memory of everything that happened in my dream on the first second that I woke up but it rapidly fades away every second. And before I can even write anything about it, the memory is forgotten in less than a minute. Just like how an old Windows computer delete a file.

Did you ever wake up feeling tired or scared but couldn't explain why?

I remember the first time that this happened that I was with my girlfriend. She also wake up as soon as I woke from a bad dream. It's because I dropped myself on the bed while I was sleeping on it. Maybe I'm dreaming that I was "falling"?

She asked me what happened...

I attempted to explain but before I even do it, the memory my dream fades away.

And she can't believe that I can't recall what happened in my dreams.

She googled my case and found out that it also happens to other people.

Case closed.

I'm starting to recover some fragments

So, while writing this post it feels like I'm remembering some of the shards of my dream that explains why I woke up with a numbing feeling on my right shoulder and left leg.

I vaguely remember that on the last part of my dream, I entered a building (around 4-5 storeys high) and someone told me to take the elevator (lift). The elevator is made up of wood and ropes. I'm not even sure if this kind of elevator exists or have existed in the past. There's a small incandescent light.

The way to use it is that I have to grab a rope with a handle and pull. I used my right hand to pull which is slightly heavy. It feels like I was pulling a quarter of my weight.

As I reach the top floor, there is a small opening that's positioned on the level of my face. It made me climb up to and that I have to go in with my head first and then crawl with my elbows.

Before I even get out of the small opening, someone grab ky left leg and forcefully tried to pull me down.

I tried to look behind me to see who's pulling me down but then I just woke up.

I was relieved knowing that it's just a bad dream.