"Baby Girl," Nel Oliver - African Blues

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Have you ever seen the innocent fire of love burning brightly between a father and his daughter? This is what you get in this song.

Baby Girl (1980s)

In the 1980s, Nel Oliver recorded his classic track, Baby Girl at a studio he had set up in Paris. This beautiful song tells the rare story of the emotional attachment that exists between a father and his daughter who is getting married.

Although the father hates to see his daughter go with an unknown man, he has no choice because marriage is inevitable, or so it seems, for a daughter who has come of age.

Four Languages in A Glass of Song

You may get confused when a person speaks four different languages to you all at once. However, four languages combine to give this great song a perfect musical juice.

Specifically, the four languages that make up this song are English, French, Yoruba, and Gun, a local Beninese language.

Nel Oliver, the Unsung Hero

Regrettably, there is a dearth of information about the biography of Nel Oliver on the internet.

However, I gathered that Nel Oliver was a Beninese singer and songwriter. As a way of improving the quality of his recordings and music, in the 1970s Nel travelled to Paris, where he set up his own musical studio.

At Paris, Nel recorded a few songs with other western voices such as Jean-Pierre Cinelu and Olivier Hitman.

Unfortunately, Nel Oliver did not get as much fame and publicity as one would have expected. Nevertheless, his impact on his lovers are timeless. He was indeed an unsung hero.

Mon enfant, ma baby girl
Voici venu le moment tant apprehende
Ou je dois te conduire, bras dessous, bras dessous
A celui qui pendra ta main Devant Dieu et devant les hommes
Ton prince charmant,
A qui tu diras oui pour le meilleur et pour le pire
Chrs: Jesu she, Hwelin ganto she,
Wa se de she, Ovi she we
Nin dji djo ho,
Assou dagbe,
Kpo vi dji dji
Dona dona ni she
Gbe he me mite sien
Azon she ma dike, Ma kpe nou kounwe go
Dje dje vignin baby girl
Dje die hoin be sou gnonnou eh
Omon mi baby girl, iwo ti mon feran oh,
To fe lo si ile oko
Adouwa mon gba foun e,
K’Olorun mi ma baelo
Though I hate to see you go
I know you have your life to live and I can see love in your eyes
The sun shines brightly in your heart
You’re never been so beautiful
And you can see my joy and pride for you
Though you smile I see your tears
Take his hand my baby girl,
And be his wife forever more
The time has come for you to go
Wipe your tears and never fear
Cause I will always be right here for you.

Tu sais j’ai tant reve
De pouvoir te garder,
Sans jamais t’partager
Mon enfant, ma baby girl,
Ton prince charmant est arrive
I never thought you’d leave me,
Soon for anyone so hard to let you go,
Oh my child, my baby girl
The time has come to live your life.


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Four Languages in A Glass of Song - well said!
I'm forwarding this to our daughter and her husband--they have two daughters and a son. :)

I'm forwarding this to our daughter and her husband--they have two daughters and a son. :)

Wow. That sounds really nice and sweet to hear. I can only hope that they find it as interesting as you did. Cheers!

I used to know this song while i was growing up .. you just took me back in time. This song have me goose bumps right now..
Thank you for doing this. My mother used to play this song.

I'm glad that you enjoyed this. I loved the song too as a child. Cheers!

Thanks ..