Cloudy afternoon at my parents' home ⛅️

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Hi everyone!

Here in my area, the situation related to the Coronavirus emergency is improving and so I too have resumed my work in an almost normal way.

Everything is a little slower and attention must also be paid to small gestures, such as a handshake or contact with an object.

Even eating at restaurants, which often happens to me when I'm out on business, has become something to be done with the utmost caution, respecting all the rules of distance and personal protection.

Today, however, at the end of this rather busy week of work, I set aside some time to go and visit my parents.

I'm usually freer on Saturdays, and since I can't see them very much on weekdays, I took advantage of it.

We sat under the pergola, had a good coffee and chatted quietly.


The day was cool and a nice light breeze was blowing. Then, my parents' home is outside the city centers and there is a lot of nature around it. For this, you can breathe a beautiful pure and oxygenated air.


It was very relaxing, also because my children, who usually animate the atmosphere, were with my wife from the other grandparents.
Not that I'm sorry when they are there too, in fact, my parents would like to keep them every day, but sometimes a little calm is fine.

While I was there, I noticed that the sky was really fantastic and as the time of dusk approached, the moving clouds created a truly spectacular effect.


So, I took some photos that I show you with pleasure, in which you can appreciate them.


My favorite is absolutely the first one.
Indeed, that's the last one I shot in chronological order, but I wanted to put it at the beginning of the post so that it was on the cover.

The circle of light that generated the shades of color in the midst of those clouds is truly heavenly and I am happy to have been able to capture that detail.

All the photos were taken with my iPhone and have not been edited.

Now I greet you. Football has also started again and I will go to watch the Napoli-Inter match on TV, hoping that it will be less boring than Juventus-Milan last night.

A big hug and happy Sunday! 🤗


Thanks to all of you for reading my article.

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See you soon!


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Beautiful shoot for skyscaped brother..keep it up..

Thank you very much 🙏

Your welcome bro.