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RE: May it Be (Cover from the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack) Music video and stroll through Lothlórien

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So far I've only found two of the ratties. I'll have to take a second look when I have a little more time. I remember when The Fellowship of the Ring came out there were a lot of people disappointed that Tom Bombadil and Goldberry were left out of the movie. What a wonderful video you created, your singing is just how I would envision an elf maiden would sound. I hope someday you will have a chance to record the entire song and share it with us.


Yay you're the best fufunchis finder out here hahahah :) one is missing... make sure it is not the one in the gif ;-) but yes, as usual, even in Middle Earth there are hobbit-ratties :)
And yes, I'm very much Goldberry sometimes, in river and ponds and I feel sad she's so ignored in the movies, but I guess for this one I went for "petite-sized" Galadriel :) And thanks for the compliment too.