Daily Drawing Challenge: 21 June - Fire (Pen Drawing)

in GEMS20 days ago

This is my first time to join @maxwellmarcusart Daily Drawing Challenge. I just learn Pen drawing almost a month. I want to practice more, so i join this drawing challenge to learn more.

The topic of day 21 is Fire. It is not a hand or soft material. This is a particle material. I feel very hard to draw it, but try to do that.


These are my steps:





Although a failed work was painted today, I believe that one day I will paint better.


prompt for the challenge


This is really beautiful. Excellent work you've done here. Good to see you join.

Thanks for you encourage.
I learned a lot from your pen drawing.

Glad to know you've learnt from my pen works.

A beautiful artistic work done with a pen. A bonfire that is well appreciated and that has been presented with a step by step that defines the work.

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