What Does A Reblog Do? A World Of Life Under The Surface!

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At any given moment of the day on HIVE, a flurry of activity is underway. We scroll our feeds to catch as much as we can, but it's near to impossible to see it all.

No doubt, HIVE has improved in this regard. At our fingertips are communities to join and a cute little heart we can click to add someone to our list of favorite authors.

These tools make it easier to improve our personal feeds here on HIVE. It's still not always that easy to find new content or upcoming authors we haven't seen before.

That's where the use of the reblog becomes extremely useful!

Here's why.

I'm Following You But Not Them

Nobody here is going to try to follow everybody. Right? Not if you're a real live author or curator. That doesn't mean you aren't on the hunt for new and interesting people or projects.


But we can only vote and follow when a post catches our eye. Sure, we can scroll the new feed until it buffers us to sleep.

For myself, finding great new content and people to follow is so much easier when YOU reblog it. And of course, that goes for myself as well. Because I might not be following that person you are, and vice versa.

So simply reblogging a fantastic post from...say an author in your Favorites List makes it appear on my direct feed. Because I'm following you not them. It wouldn't have shown up otherwise, and it gives me the chance to vote for / follow them too.

Hiveing With Life Just Under The Surface


Once you join HIVE, spend some time here, and find your footing, it's natural to want to spread your roots. Meeting new people is part of what social media on the blockchain should be about, IMHO.

I look at HIVE much like it is when fishing the ocean. As you slide your vessel into a calm glassy section of water, some action goes on up top. A few birds may be diving or you might catch sight of a fish splashing here or there.

Meter marks on the sonar, however, tell a completely different story. Fathoms under your ship is a large rock pile that's busy with an enormous amount of life. It makes the surface look like a barren wasteland in comparison.

HIVE is just like that! Your reblogs are the meter marks that show up on our sonar.

As An Author, Doesn't It Bury My Content?

This may be one of your concerns about reblogging. I don't blame you because I don't care to bury my content either. So here's how I approach reblogging.


After publishing a new post, give it some time on the top of your feed. Those following couple of hours would be a time to refrain from reblogs.

Once the initial post rewards slow down to a trickle or a stop, it's ok to reblog again. Curators will still find your articles. Chances are they'll appreciate the introduction to new authors on your feed, making them even more likey to return.

All things said, it's probably not the best idea to reblog too much if you're an aspiring author. Twenty of other people's posts in between each of your own will make it tough to find your publishings.

En Finale

As a recap:

  • Remember how powerful a simple reblog from one of your favorite authors can be. Take action and share with untold others!

  • Use the Favorites Tool and make it easier to check the work from your favorite authors.

  • Join Communities that fit your interests and all posts submitted to them will show on your feed.


Thanks for reading and as always...



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Yup, I've really enjoyed some of the things you've reblogged. Because I don't always get chance to check my feed, I sometimes even miss posts from those I follow and catch them later as a reblog, which I'm often grateful for.

Oh yea, that's a great point I hadn't thought of. It helps even if you are both following another. Really nice of you to say that you appreciate my reblogs. I try to promote good quality content. 🙂

Re-blogs are a great way to spread the word of new post/people that the re-blogger finds interesting, I was glad to see you mention that it is not a good idea to re-blog to much, all things in moderation.

One of the tools I have found very useful on peakd is the list function, I have a core group of people I follow, and like you implied following to many can make it difficult to find the content you like, so the list function and the community list are good ways to separate out the content, to build your own play list so to speak.

Yea if you overdo it, it can defeat the purpose. Then we have people like @tracyyork who makes it her mission to reblog quality content on HIVE and Twitter through #HiveBlogShare. Always an exception.

When I find something that's really helpful or exceptional, I like hitting that reblog button.

Thanks for stopping by. 😁👍

Found this post due to a re-blog :)

I agree that re-blogging has had a new lease of life and do find that a fair number of my manual votes each day are cast on content produced by authors I might not be following at that moment in time.

Hehe. I see there's a couple reblogs on this post already. That's cool that one of them caught your eye. We gotta share the love! 🙂👍

Found a lot of posts through reblogging, this one as well. Although I haven't used the feature that much. Gotta try it.

Nice. You should. Let us see what you see. I'll start by giving you a follow. 🙂

I find myself reblogging a lot more on HIVE than I did on STEEM. The new interfaces on hive.blog and peakd.com separating personal posts across all communities and the reblogged content with non-community posts is helpful compared to the old system.

And yes, I did find this post because someone reblogged it.

Bad Quaker? Lol. Thanks for stopping by and for the engagement. I need to get the tipu going, and fast. 😁😁

I am just a bad Quaker, not the Bad Quaker although he had an account from STEEM under @badquakerdotcom.

Lol. There's probably the bad Catholic on Steemit as well. I'm just one of many. 🤣

Oh good. I hope we never see black smoke coming from the chimney. 😁

Oh shoot. You weren't kidding. Lol. Thanks so very much! 👍