Morning Listen (Freewrite Challenge)

in GEMS5 months ago (edited)

Source: Pixabay

Woke up early to prepare the breakfast. It is still cold, and everything seems so quiet. All I hear is the cluttering of kitchen materials while preparing the breakfast. Heated the water on the electric kettle, opened an instant sachet of coffee, and poured on the cup.

Went up with the cup in the balcony with such a beautiful view. See of clouds, and the peeking sun from the mountains. Rays start to spread over the sky. Took the radio, and turned on the music for a morning listen. A relaxing kind of song getting into the ears.

It will be a long day. Got to the table for a breakfast with wifey. Sipping on another coffee, while eating the breakfast. Simple but priceless moment, as we also enjoy the view from the balcony.