Poetic Flow of Words (Freewrite Challenge)

in GEMS5 months ago (edited)

Source: Pixabay

He was invited to join a talent reality show by a woman who works for a TV production company, and one of the producers of the show. The producer saw his performance in a bar where he performed spoken poetry. His poetic flow of words captured her attention.

He called the producer as he wanted to audition for the reality show. She agreed and before going on for the audition, he has to sign an agreement. Curious about the scope of the agreement, he invited his lawyer friend to come with him.

When they got to the location and was handed with the contract agreement, the lawyer explained the scope and the possibility of legal intention just in case he won't be able to fulfill any of the terms. There are loopholes so he decided not to pursue with the show, and rather started his own channel on YouTube.


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