Evening bike ride photos - Dreamy Addition

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Evening bike ride photos - Dreamy Addition

I jumped on my on the wave motorbike at about 530pm, the sun was setting and it whimpered little of a ride clear my mind and feel the wind of the oncoming evening.

I decide to go for a bit of a drive down some roads that I haven't been on and took some photos of things that I haven't seen before.

Playing in edditng on the phone, I decide to go for a dreamy feel as that is how my mind felt at the moment... so these are my evening bike ride photos the dreamy edition part one.

I hope you're enjoying some of these photos, and they leave you dreamy as well.

let's open up the door to this world the photos and dive on in.


The distant mountain across the away rising up...


like a snaggle tooth of an old dog hanging into the sky,


The jagged façade, sketchy rocks that look as though they're about to break off and crush all those below.


hidden mountain caves guarded by marble Buddhas, leading to underworlds for treasures and monsters.

The dream is guarded by several dogs


Just some fun photos. It is how I keep myself sane these days by taking these pictures of various things. :)

I hope they inspire you to be creative seek capture wondrous world around us. :)

Be well!




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Thanks for reading my post, you inspire me to keep posting!

Thank you for your support!


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