Photos from Tien SA Beach, Danang Vietnam. - An Outing with my friend Jessica.

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Photos from Tien SA Beach, Danang Vietnam.

The other day I took a drive to Tien SA Beach in Danang with my friend Jessica. The goal was just to get out for a bit and see something new. Take some photos have some fun times. That is just what we did!

This is the beach that we went to from outer space.

And sequentially here is the link to it on Google if you wish to see it.

Google map :

There is also this groovy rock with a mermaid playing a harp. Spoiler alert however, We did not see any mermaids on the rocks.


I did however see this lovely Expired puffer fish that could be considered a mermaid?


There was a lot of really beautiful scenery here and even the pool, while not too clean did look really cool.


We decide to walk along outside the safety area and along these rocks.


Where we found this interesting piece of an old bridge, or least I think it was a walkway or bridge...


Here's another shot of the outside area. I totally think this was a really cool walkway at one point.


My friend Jessica posed by this little Pie shaped thing for a while .


We then that thing some fun photos next to the jungle area with rocks. Jessica picked up this piece of wood to pose with.


And then she promptly discovers that there was a big spider on and tossed it to the side. I happen to catch that exact moment. Lol. This is perhaps my best Photo of the day!


We then took an epic photo together looking bad ass!


At this point It was getting super hot out, so we walked back and sat in the shade for a bit.



She brought her puppy dog along who sat in front of me, I thought this was a fun photo. lol


Thank you all for watching? I hope it inspires you to get out there, take some photos and be awesome!!!

Much love friends.




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Those pictures are beautiful I love the big tree mostly that was picture perfect. She must've went crazy with that spider lol

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