¨Sun Thursday Contest ¨ # 3 Sunset over the garden

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Hello Hivian friends, if you are one of the people who loves sun pictures, this post is ideal for you; I am very happy to be able to accompany the invitation made by our friend @uwelang to participate in this fun contest ¨Sun Thursday Contest ¨:  and deeply thank my friends, @ackhoo for their participation as a jury, the sponsors, who without your kind Collaboration this contest would not be possible @dswigle, @ervin-lemark, @theycallmedan.

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My house has a special location, it allows me to take beautiful pictures of the sunset; Our garden is located at the back of the house, just where the sun is hiding, before going to sleep, to do so, you must overcome the foliage of the treetops.

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Today I was lucky enough to surprise her inside the glass of one of them, she timidly hid among her branches, her sparkles pierced the dense layer of leaves of the ¨lapachouting ¨pink¨

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Sun afternoons become magical in the garden, the golden sparkles are very useful in the growth and development of our vegetables.

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The rays that reach the branches of the ¨lapacho¨ gently caress the leaves of the zapallar, in its path it feeds the maturation of the Koreans and the Brazilians.

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The sunset over the garden is full of ¨mysticism¨, like stories, invites us to dream and ramble, while timidly fade into the foliage. I love the sunsets of my land, it always pleasantly surprises us with its magical fading.
The images were taken earlier today in my city of Corrientes. With a ¨Nikon Coolpix B500¨ camera


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Saludos amigo, excelente fotografía, suerte en el concurso.

Hola querido amigo @cetb2008 buenas noches
muchas gracias por tus amables palabras, es bueno que te hayas detenido y dejado un comentario, feliz de que mis imágenes hayan sido de tu agrado
que pases un maravilloso fin de semana

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hello dear friends of @hivebuzz good day
Thank you very much for this information, many times one concentrates on the day to day and forgets that a new week has passed.
I take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend end

Thank you @jlufer. Have a good weekend too.

Es una gran fortuna tener una casa desde donde se puedan ver los atardeceres. Siempre me llama la atención cómo aún teniendo un sol tan intenso pueda haber tanto frío. Para mí es un misterio, estoy acostumbrado a mucho sol y mucho calor, no me imagino un sol con frío. Qué tengas un estupendo fin de semana. Abrazos.

Como estas querido amigo @irvinc buen día
Es verdad, tener esta ubicación es un verdadero privilegio, las bajas temperaturas en mi provincia se debe a un día nublado, ayer por la tarde el clima era agradable, como un día de invierno normal, pero una vez que el sol se oculto, rápidamente volvió a bajar la temperatura
Muchas gracias por detenerte y dejar este maravilloso comentario querido amigo
Que pases unos hermosos días de fin de semana, un cariño grande para toda la familia

Thanks @jlufer for submitting to SunThursday - your post has been evaluated, shared and voted - the results will be released soon!

thank you dear friend @uwelang for allowing us this fun, I have a lot of fun taking my pictures for the contest
I take this opportunity to wish you a great day