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@carmenm20 First, thank you so much for the mention. I don't mind helping anyone who takes the time to listen and apply what they have learned. I don't know everything. But what I do know I don't mind sharing if I feel it's worth my time and effort. It's especially hard when there is a language barrier. My saving grace has been DeepL. Although not perfect, it's a good translator. Sometimes it misses on the pronoun aspects. For example, it translated my gender as a "he" in a couple instances in your sentences. Sometimes it's hard not knowing the written language to find the errors. But we all know the intention.

It would be nice to have seen a photo of the place you recommend us to see in your country. I always love to see what other countries have to offer because I'll probably never get to visit.

Also, don't forget about the tags I mentioned. #innerblocks is one when writing about you or your personal experiences. #ladiesofhive is another one.

Also, since you added content about your country and a specific place, utilize PinmApple to pin the location to the map.

A nice goal you have for your 5 year period. Engaging with other authors on Hive is a great way to meet others. Try a few of the Communities to start.

Also, thanks so much for completing the Reflections Challenge we assigned for our Ralliers during the monthly Redfish Rally. As a Redfish on Hive, you can return to The Terminal account Profile and complete any of the Challenges. We encouraged participation in these challenges as they will help you in learning how to create different content on Hive.

It also helps us learn a bit more about you. And you got the chance to publish a post. That's the best reward of all.

I appreciate you providing this information from the Reflection Challenge. Have a good week ahead and stay safe you and your family.


The language barrier has been a little difficult but not impossible haha, if it is true that sometimes we make mistakes, and too bad that the translation has not been correct.

I didn't share a photo, it's true, because the ones I had when I visited the park I lost them, it was many years ago when I went there. For now I only see it in photos provided by the internet. But I will leave you the website of the park for you to know it, and hopefully someday you will be able to visit it, I know you will like it.

Thanks for the suggestions you give me with the use of the tags. I will use them.

Thanks to you for inviting me to do this challenge. I really liked answering every question.

Have a beautiful week. Take care of yourself.

You are welcome. If you don't have photos, then tell your readers the same you said above and that you found a photo that is free to use of the park and provide the sourcing.

I appreciate your participation. Keep up the good work and just keep writing on the various topics I provide to you.

Have a good week ahead, and hope you feel better.

Thanks, I have already attached the park's website to the post, so my readers can go there and see the park