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RE: [ESP][ENG] Sopa de vegetales. ¡No tires a la basura los vegetales viejos! / Vegetable soup. Don't throw away old vegetables!

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Delicious looking soup @jennyzer. Yes, in the past I used to throw away vegetables. Now I try to conserve and find other uses for them. The price of food in the U.S. has increased. Food that used to be priced low are now very expensive. This has caused many Americans to rethink how they throw items away unnecessarily. We have to conserve our food supplies.

Your vegetable soup looks easy to prepare. You know we at the Terminal have our Cookbook Challenge. That soup recipe would have been perfect for Week 1: MEAT/VEGGIES.

Next time, check out the Terminal's Cookbook Challenge to see the particular categories each week. You can plan your recipe weeks ahead. We've added more prizes for 1st; 2nd; and 3rd place winners. I placed the Cookbook Challenge post in the Terminal's #post-promo room for all Terminal members to read and enter if interested. It's open to all Terminal members.

Thanks for taking the time to read my comment, and take care.


In these difficult times, we must make the most of all the food we have.

Yes, I have reviewed Terminal's Cookbook Challenge, but the rules say I must have less than 500hp, for that reason I have not participated, weekly I share recipes that would be perfect for the challenge.

Thanks for reading the publication.