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RE: Truth or Lie - Wahrheit oder Lüge ?

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The birds definitely sound louder than before, that's something I noticed a month ago. Beautiful photos as always. The third photo in the post - the one with the reflections of the church steeple - is absolutely stunning!


One reason why they sound louder might be because there is not so much other noise at the moment - less cars and industry and such.

Good morning and thank you very much for your nice words, Keith, and yes, this is a beautiful church on that peninsula and makes a great photo motif when the light is right als the lake is calm to show a nice reflection 🙂

Happy Easter and stay safe and healthy 🙂


Oh, it's definitely because of reduced noise from cars and airplanes etc. I noticed this 2 or 3 weeks ago. Happy Easter to you as well.

🙂 Happy Easter 🐰

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