Belgium, Antwerp, a city walk with a photo camera (9 photos)

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Antwerp, Belgium is an amazing city, I could tell you that for sure if you don't know it for yourself yet. Architecture, people, nature, streets, and lots if "icons" exists there. Like for instance the first European skyscraper ;) And many more...

I'm sharing today with you some of the moments and places I captured there, walking with my camera and my eyes wide open of all that beauty and history...

When entering the cathedral:

Part of the city port:

The entrance building of the foot passage under the river, quite an old building:

The old escalators:

The tunnel itself is quite spectacular. Watch out for speeding bicycles. It is not permitted but locals still do it:

Artistic details at the main square:

Port with the museum:

Antwerp as seen from the other side of the river:

When the tide is low, one could see quite an interesting objects lying on the river bed...

I hope you've enjoyed this short visual walk with me ;)

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Thank you for all the support!

Have a great photo! :P



That tunnel is disturbingly long! I totally get the urge for speeding bicycles!! 😅

Hehehe, indeed. Moreover, imagine the feeling of thousands of tons of water running above...

I'd rather not!! 😨

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Good place to visit.
Nice shots.