Card Introduction And Battle Episode 76 : Undead Rexx | Splinterlands

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Hi this is episode 76 and the card is Undead Rexx. So this is the special card for first position which comes with 9 mana, 5 attack, 2 speed, and 9 lives.

This is cheapest reward card. Well i have battled with spy.colony with undead rexx, furious chicken, creeping ooze and spirit miner.

Enjoy the video

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Undead Rexx is a powerful card in death monster and I like the way you played with this card. Your death splinter collection seems nice but mine is not so good.

I am using all splinters because of quest. I have not invested that much but soon i will do it. thanks for your comment.

Hi brother!
No doubt it is one of the best powerful neuter monster from Death splinter.
If you can then upgrade it in level 5. On level-5 with Trample ability it becomes more effective.
Hope you have a great Sunday.

Hi brothyer thanks for your valuable comment. Actually i am also thinking about that. Soon i will do it.

Great battle, I'm also figuring out how to play this amazing game with higer rate of winning. I hope I will get some ideas.

You will definitely get ideas from my splinterlands video because i am covering a to z things here.

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Nice introduction.
I also play splinterlands.

thanks sis

I have never played this game but I like your game a lot,,, thanks for sharing this video...

you are most welcome sister

This is an amazing game. Though I never played, but I have seen few videos. Thanks for your video.

thank you so much for your great feedback brother