Shoulder pain stretches against the wall

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Are you feeling shoulder pain? Perhaps you got injured at the gym from lifting things over your head, or perhaps it's an overuse injury from rock climbing (I've done both). My pain was so bad I could not lift up my arms above shoulder height. Here are some stretches I was prescribed to fix the problem. In the previous video you needed an elastic band. In this video you don't need anything apart from a wall to do it, which means you can do it anywhere probably. Enjoy and hope it helps!

The first part of this stretch you will extend your arm horizontally in front of you and push your palm upside down against the wall. Try and lift up the palm as high as you can while maintaining your whole palm on the wall.


The second part you will turn your whole body to the side. If your right palm is pushing against the wall, turn to the left. If your left palm is pushing against the wall, turn to the right. Try to turn as much as you can without lifting your palm off the wall. Also if you can't turn a lot, you can lower your palm a little bit and try to turn. This is the part where you're really going to feel the shoulder stretch.


Repeat the same movement on both sides and repeat at various times throughout the day.

Disclaimer: I made these videos so I can remember what the physio has shown me that has worked for me only. This video is not to be used for medical advice. Please seek help from a qualified doctor if you are experiencing pain.

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Wow! Never had shoulder pain like that before. But been getting weird strains in my neck and back lately. Since then been doing a lot of stretching and yoga and now I'm like 100%. Feeling like Gumby! If you remember who that is.

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Great posts I have a lot of spine issues and the wall stretches are amazing! Upvoted and rehived.

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