How to make "Kimbap/Gimbap" (ingredients and procedure)

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Hellow everyone! Today is sunday so today is also my dayoff that's why I have a lot of time for today to relax and make one my favorite food called "Kimbap or Gimpap", this is a korean dish made with cooked rice and other ingredients rolled in dried seaweed sheet. I'm craving for this food for more than a week that's why yesterday I decided to bought all the ingredients that I need to make this delicious food on the korean store nearby our house.

How to make Kimbap/Gimbap


Ingredients for 1 roll of kimbap
  • cooked japanese rice 1 cup
  • dried seaweed sheet 1pc
  • crab stick 1pc
  • fish cake(odeng) 1pc thin slice
  • pickled raddish 1pc thin slice
  • ham 1pc thin slice
  • sesame oil 1/2 teaspoon


First cook the vegetables and other ingredients on the microwave oven for 1 minute or just fry halfcook those ingredients.

For rolling the kimbap you need a sushi bamboo mat or thin aluminum foil if you don't have a bamboo mat. First place the seaweed sheet on the bamboo mat then put the cooked japanese rice and spread it on the seaweed sheet then spread 1/4 teaspoon of sesame oil on the rice then put all the ingredients you prepare on the top of the rice and lastly after placing all the ingredients roll it using the sushi bamboo mat or aluminum foil.

Then lastly, after rolling the kimbap remove it from the bamboo mat and slice it into bite size slices.

At last! My kimbap/gymbap are done and ready to be served, very easy right? By the way I used soy sause with sesame oil and sesame seed for the sauce.

And that's all, thank you for your time spent reading this, hope you like my recipe.



Oh I want to. Invite me. How nice they look friend. Thanks for sharing it looks very easy to do. Greetings

yep it was very easy to make, maybe you van try making this haha...