Just finished making "Fruit Salad" for our dessert for tomorrow (ingredients and recipe)

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Hello everyone! I just want to share with you this delicious fruit salad that I just made for our dessert for tommorow. Well I didn't really planned making this fruit salad, because this kind of food is commonly served in special occasions in our country like newyear and christmas, but whenever I feel hungry, I have a habbit of exploring our kitchen to find food or ingredients that I can use for cooking haha. And while looking for the ingredients in our kitchen it happened that I see a canned fruit cocktail and all purpose cream stocked in our kitchen and that's the reason why I decided to make a fruit salad today haha.

How to make fruit salad(ingredients and procedure)



  • drained fruit cocktail 500g
  • sweetened condensed milk 300ml
  • all purpose cream 300ml
  • cheese 150g
  • banana 3pcs
  • cherry 10pcs




The first thing you need to do is to prepare all the ingredients. First mix well the condensed milk and all purpose cream in a bowl or cup.



Then slice the whole ingredients like cheese and banan into small cube slices.



Then mix all the fruits and solid ingredients together in a tupperware, bowl or cup with cover, take note: you can add different kinds of fruits as well like apple and grapes depending on what fruit do you want to add and also before I forgot, fruit salad can be more delicious if you add fresh coconut.



Then after preparing all the ingridients, I put the condensed milk and all purpose cream I prepare on the mixed fruit in the tupperware, then lasty after mixing well all the ingredients I put cherries on the top of the fruit salad I made to make it look more presentable.

This kind fruit salad is best to eat when cold or frozen that"s why I put it on our freezer overnight.

And that's all, hope you like this recipe of mine...

See you on my next post...


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Two thumbs up in your mouth watering recipe. Great skill bro!

What a rich friend, it gave me a longing;) You are incredible, now you are a pastry chef: D It is a good skill for a man. You can conquer any girl with a beautiful and delicious dessert!

thank you sara! cooking and making foods are my real career in fact I'm working as a chef for 2 years.
and also I hope you're right on your last sentence but It seems that I'm kind of unlucky about girls hahaha

Love your Foodie post!

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thank you for the support

Yummy... It makes me feel hungry. Thanks for the share.

yes it was haha, thank you also for dropping by ^^