My random graphite pencil sketch "Mouth and Eye"

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Hello everyone! I just want to share this random pencil sketch I drew today, I always do a random drawing whenever I'm bored or whenever I don't have any subject in my mind to draw. I also make a random drawing or sketch to practice my drawing skills without reference.

Drawing process

20200613_232659.jpg I always start my drawing by sketching the outline of the image, for the outline I only used 5H graphite pencil.

20200615_204115.jpg then after drawing the outline, I proceed on shading the eyes using a much darker graphite pencil.(8B graphite pencil)

20200615_213944.jpg then I proceed on adding some shadows and darker details to make my drawing a bit realistic.

20200615_223329.jpg and at last! After more than an hour of drawing and shading, I manage to finished this random drawing of an "Eye and Mouth".

20200615_224150.jpg I adjust the brightness of the photo here to create a much darker version of my drawing..

And that's all thank you for dropping by. Hope you enjoyed my drawing.

Till my next posts...


Naa pud diay ni siyay hidden talent sa drawing... :D

Salamat bro, hindi na cya hidden ngayun haha

Wait lng, akala ko kang mrnightmare itong drawing nato kaya ko nasabing hidden hahah. Kung di ka nagreply di ko malalaman na na wow mali ako. 😂😂 di na ulit ako mag cocomment sa madaling araw.😂

Haha, hindi ko nga masyadong naintindihan comment mo eh, di ako nakakaintindi ng language nyo haha, yung hidden talent lang na gets ko haha.. by the way salamat parin haha

nice.. may talent ka pala sa drawing!
keep it up!!!

Medyo lang bro haha, halos kakabalik ko lang sa pag drawing matagal tin ako nahinto simula ng nagwork ako haha, by the way bro it's nice to see you here haha..

Your drawing is beautiful, friend, you should be encouraged to make videos making them, they look beautiful for sure it will go very well. Use 3speak, and if you don't have a powerful team you can use filmora which is a video editor for low-income computers. I use it, what's more, don't miss my videos, in a few weeks. I am gathering to acquire a smartphone that allows me to record a decent video.

Thank you sara for the compliments and for the advice, well I was planning to do videos about my drawings but I don't know where to start, so thanks to your advice maybe I can start taking videos of my drawing sooner or later haha. ^^

Just start and don't worry, just get busy. You can create a homemade tripod, with cardboard as well as the one I use to take my photos, see, set to record throughout the drawing, then edit it, in each step the video that starts at normal speed, and until the other step that go at a fast speed so that the video is not so long. and so the other step is slow and then fast until the next step. Or just draw and put the whole video at fast speed. You can make cuts, and delete what you don't like. It is easy, filmora is very easy to use.

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