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RE: "Stay Home, Stay Safe & Let's Beat Corona"

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i think this is happening because most of people are just ignorant. also i think we are failing to make people understand how terrifying this is. most of the people are still treating it as common flu, until they catch it.

they are saying that the death rate is so low and most people are recovering bla bla bla.... i don't understand how they don't understand that they can be into that percentage of people that are gonna die.

Personally i am very afraid of this and any kind of getting sick. I have been to hospitals about three times and i have seen how horrifying our health service is....
So whatever happens, i don't want to end up in a hospital bed.


Our country people are so stubborn.
Their tonic doesn't seem to be moving until they find someone dead, someone their own or themselves.

I don't know what those men are thinking.
I don't know why even young men like college students are roaming around without any safety.

Stay safe, bro.