Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 13 - Rabbit

Hello everyone! Greetings to you all.

Today, I want to show you my new art work. It's my entry for the daily drawing challenge day 13 with the theme "Rabbit". The work depic a rabbit on a grass with its eyes wide open and its ears extending upwards.


Rabbits are ground dwellers animals that live in the tropical forest, wetland as well as deserts. They are long eared mammals from the family of Leporidae.

These animals eyes are usually close when they are given birth to and with no fur. They gain sight after a gestation period of 30–31 days. Their preferred habitats composed of trees and shrubs - where they live in burrows dug into the soil.

This specie of rabbit is known as cottontail rabbit in the genus of Sylvilagus. Source

The work was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. Below are my steps. I first sketched out its posture before adding shades to it.



prompt for the challenge

Thank you.


You art is beautifull, i wish draw like you 🙂

Definitely you can! Just keep practicing. You can even get better than me.

Aw, so cute!
Great work! :)

very nice drawing :) I like your drawings.

Thank you dear. So good to know you like my drawings.

Wonderful rabbit...details are great even if it was drawn with just a pen...

Have a nice day...

Thanks so much. Good to see you around.

Awesome Rabbit.... I will try this one later today.... and also do one with an Acme Hemp Cigar for Smoke.io ....get the Challenge going over there. Will be Interesting to see ... maybe need a different list for Smoke. My son is going to do a Car Drawing Challenge on here for July... upvoted, rehived and Tweeted.

Thank you buddy. I can't wait to see yours.
This will definitely not gonna work out with smoke. I'm going to see if I will get a new list for it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hey, your son is here? I would definitely love to meet him. Can't wait for his challenge.
Thanks for the support 👍

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Wow...amazing simple drawing brother, love the way you paint it using pen.

Thank you buddy. I'm glad you love it.

Excelente trabajo que nos has traído para el día de hoy amigo. Me gusta mucho tu estilo de dibujo en tinta. Saludos

Gracias amigo. No puedo esperar para ver el tuyo.

Such a nice piece of art.

uff amigo,ese dibujo te quedo hermoso bro

nice drawing

hi @maxwellmarcusar ,
this is superb rabbit drawing i can see that you put your efforts in this drawing. keep it up

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your encouraging word.

wow.. so cute <3

That is wonderful! The rabbit gives the impression of looking directly at us. We've been seeing a lot around the neighborhood this year. The population seems to grow some years, and then diminish. Anyway, they are lovely to look at..whether they are hopping around the neighborhood or looking back at me in your drawing:)

Thank you. Maybe you should consider having some as pet.