Lady With Afro Hairstyle - Pen Drawing

Sometimes, I allow the direction of my strokes to be seen and sometimes, I blend them till they fade away. Sometimes, I draw with scattered strokes or scribble technique.


It all depends on the mood I am (how I feel) and how I want the work to look like or what I want to achieve.

Whichever way, what matters is to arrive at a particular goal - which is "RESULT"

Here, I used a combination of cross hatching and squiggles method to draw this lady with afro hairstyle. It gave rise to a different effect which is different from my usual and I still got my result.




Hava a nice day.


Is this a real person?

😅Shey na only you dey leave natural hair?
Na real person jor🤗

Now I'm confused

Confused about what?🤔

If its a real person or just imaginative drawing

It's a drawing of a real person. A friend of mind. I've send the piece to her already. She's not on this blockchain though.

Lolzzz....I can't blame the person who commented if this is a real person😂. I too asked myself that question 😅 nice work man

Lol..Why the question?🤔

Look over real nah😄

Haha, thanks bro.

This really really caught my eye <3😳

Wow amazing

I like it.
Amazing work!!

Thank you friend.

Hi, @maxwellmarcusart
I just post my first painting to blurt chain.

Someone reply my painting said that he want to join DDC.

Are you also post your work on blurt?

Okay that's cool.
No, I haven't been on blurt since the inception.